Bendito iii and agency #EDCMOOC

Most of the posts I’ve seen about Bendito talk about the dystopian aspect of the clip.

What I noticed about the clip is that the creatures (we assume they’re human) blindly adopt each new technology, brought down from on high. The technology is elevated to something that presumes to be sent from a higher power. Throughout the clip, the creatures demonstrate no individual volition. If I were to create an alternative narrative, I would have one of the creatures zap off the tv. The other aspect of this clip– the technologies they worship seem to be something they all focus on, but those technologies do not enhance communication among the creatures. Instead they all just place all their attention on the new tool.

It certainly resonates because technological determinism is the most compelling narrative that we can all relate to. Every day, a new tool is touted as the next big thing. There is social capital in being an early adopter and being conversant in what the new and latest gadgets or apps are. Major systems that people relay on for work and life are routinely upgraded with new workflows and interfaces that everyone is expected to just adapt to. It becomes challenging, in fact somewhat discordant, to refuse to go with the tide, to demand moments of reflection, to assert that we’ll deal with tools that are meaningful and relevant when we have a real need for them.


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