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“A well cultivated mind is made up of all the minds of preceding ages; it is only the one single mind educated by all previous time.” – Fontenelle

My goal in blogging is simply to make a habit of engaging with research related to elearning, educational technology, and philosophy of technology.  

In 2005, I had a blog titled Cultivating Minds, which I discontinued around 2007.  In restarting blogging, I am using that title again because I think it nicely exemplifies a focus on using education to build human capital. Developing one’s potential rests on an understanding of the past, while at the same time engaging in creative work that shapes the future. When I first entered the field of educational technology, one of my research interests was culture and technology and increasing opportunity for people through teaching about technology. Over time, as I have experienced higher education through the lens of several types of institutions, I have become interested in structural changes to higher education that will transform opportunities to attain access to higher education and for lifelong learning.

The opinions expressed in this site are my own.

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